Greenlab: 30 years of precision and transparency

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Greenlab: 30 years of precision and transparency

22/Nov/2019 | Publicado por | Categoría Interés general

Tradition, present, future.

“Assuring the quality of life of new generations”

Our tradition is defined not only by the professional operation of our equipment and the commitment to analytical data, but also by the search for new horizons connected to the environment and the developments in the agro industrial sector.

GREENLAB is accredited by the Argentinean Accreditation Body (OAA) and the International Standards ISO 17025.

Greenlab was awarded with this diploma because it has contributed to generate trust supporting argentinean production and services.

We, as members of this laboratory, advocate the compliance with international regulations. Our present has been built upon the transparency of all our processes and developments, which guarantees the precision of our service.

We, as a company, are attentive to the challenges
of a contemporary market in permanent transformation.

We have based GREENLAB’s future on the faithfulness to our tradition and the accuracy of our current processes, which establish innovation and sustainability as the two pillars of both our daily and strategic work.

Precision and transparency are ensured in all our future business goals. That future in which innovation, technology and human relationships exercise sustained work.

We care for our job and are are committed to sustained future upholding precision and transparency.

The certainty of our decisions and counselling has the support of analytical data, and is grounded in the rigorous job of a group of professionals and technicians with 30 years of experience and worldwide recognition.