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At the end of 2003, expanded its organization with the opening of a brand new laboratory located in the northern area of the city. The facilities used a previous pharmacy and drug lab infrastructure which was adapted to the current needs of having Chemistry, Microbiology, Chromatography, Atomic Absorption, Digestion and Extraction, Weighing and Agro labs.
In this way, the company improved its services by keeping the commercial office for customer service in the center of the city; and by having a comfortably-sized laboratory in the northern area.


In 2004, the company enhanced its offices to offer an adequate space for training and improvement of its professionals.
Through such improvements, also offers increased comfort to commercial assistance.


Towards 1998, our laboratory started carrying out its first water tests and launched the development of new analytical techniques related to quality control and environmental issues.

On April 15, 1991, the company was formally established under the legal name of Servicios Ecológicos Rosario SRL and acquired the exclusive right to use GREENLAB as a trade name. Since then, we started our unstoppable growth stage despite the social and economic ups-and-downs in Argentina. Today, considering its permanent staff, professionals and external advisors is a source of work for 34 family groups and a benchmark company for more than 3000 customers.

We have reached several achievements during this period of time; and the one we consider most important is: the permanent creation of new jobs. We invest our capital in growth and we are being successful.

The old infrastructure which goes back to the 50’s (a pharmacy lab with a drug lab in the basement, and its different pharmaceutical specialties areas), was enhanced and transformed into the current archive and chemistry, microbiology, chromatography, digestion and extraction, and weighing labs.

As it happens, we are presenting a comeback, with much more, as an answer to such mandate:

  • Regarding efficiency: “don’t postpone until tomorrow, what you can do today”
  • Regarding continuous improvement: “we must improve and move forward”
  • Regarding the importance of work: “making a daily effort in our work and studies; not only on our part but also on the part of those who surround us, including our children and grandchildren”

For more than 15 years, has been offering analytical and consulting services, mainly oriented to cover the needs of its customers, and based on the competence of its work team, the availability of the necessary technology and the continuous improvement process.

holds a GAFTA‘s “Approved Laboratory” category and is a “Member Analyst” of FOSFA. All of this makes it possible to offer the following services:

  • Analytical services for: water, air, effluents, soil, agro-inputs, food, pharmaceuticals, feeds, cosmetics, analytical export certification and GMO analysis.
  • Consulting services on food safety and environment.

We wish to point out that our growth does not owe to national and international credits, but to our work and the recognition of our customers. We understand that transparency and trust are the building blocks on which our company is based on.


The staff is formed by qualified and skilled personnel for each of the tasks performed.

If you are interested in applying to work in our company, you can send your resume to the email ra.moc.balneerg@ofni. Please add your name, surname and studies in the subject.