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Our company is prepared to cover these services from the analytical and consulting standpoint.

Agrolab Division

  • Water: quality analysis for irrigation, cattle and human consumption.
  • Soil: basal analysis for fertilization or as a complement.
  • Plants: foliar analysis.
  • Seeds: germination power, vigor, tetrazolium.
  • Grains and oilseeds: commercial quality analysis. Proteins, fats, moisture, fibers, others.
  • Fertilizing irrigation system: control of nutrient solutions. Dosing of fertilizers.
  • Balanced foods: nutritional composition (DE, ME). Mycotoxins.
  • Milk: microbiological, proteins, fats, others.
  • Implementation of organic production systems.
  • Analytical Export Certification.
  • GMOs: analysis of genetically modified seeds and byproducts (GeneScan Agreement)
  • Inputs: analysis of pesticides and herbicides (formulation control). Composition of fertilizers.