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offers the following services:
Quality Control for Agro-industry; Food Safety Systems implementation (GMP, HACCP); Analytical Export Certification (FOSFA, GAFTA); Environmental Consulting; Environmental Impact Study (EIS); Environmental Auditing. 
Our company is prepared to cover these services from the analytical and consulting standpoint through its 5 divisions:


1. Environmental Division

    Environmental Contamination Monitoring, Analysis and Characterization Environmental Impact Studies Environmental Management Systems ISO 14001 Environmental Auditing Environmental Risk, Wastes, others Ecotoxicological Assessment.

    (according to National Law 24051 and state laws) Analysis of toxic waste: Organochlorine, Organophosphate and Pyrethroid Pesticides.




    Water / Air / Effluents / Sludge / Soils.
    Potable Water Quality Control.
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2. Industrial Division

  • Supplier Assessment.
  • Quality Control for intermediate and final products.
  • Industrial Microbiology.
  • Waste Minimization programs.  
  • Improvement programs.
  • R&D designs.
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3. Food quality and safety Division

  • Unwanted substances:
    Mycotoxins:  Aflatoxins, Tricothecenes (T2), Zearalenone, DON (Vomitoxin), Fumonisin, Ochratoxin.
    Heavy metals: Cadmium, Chromium, Lead, Mercury, Arsenic, others.
    Organochlorine, Organophosphate and Pyrethroid Pesticides.
    HCT, BTEX, PCB’s.
  • Nutritional Factors:  Energy value, Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats (saturated and trans), Dietary Fibers, Sodium.
  • Amino acids, Tocopherols, Cholesterol. 
  • Oils and Fats Analysis.
  • Product analysis for the dairy industry. 
  • Product analysis for the meat industry. 
  • Product analysis for the fish and general food industries. 
  • Product analysis for the agricultural industry. 
  • Product analysis for food preserves.  
  • GMOs: Analysis of genetically modified foods and byproducts (GeneScan Agreement)
  • Analytical bromatological evaluation.
  • Implementation of food safety systems (GMP, GMP+, HACCP).
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4. Pharmacological Division

  • Consultancy on installation of pharmaceutical laboratories.
  • Percentage formulas.
  • Determination of active principles by HPLC and GC chromatography. 
  • Microbiological controls and tests. 
  • Development of new formulas.
  • Determination and Quality Control of drugs.
  • Certification of microbiological aptitude for final products. 
  • Physical and chemical controls for raw materials and final products
  • .
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5. Agrolab Division

  • Water:  quality analysis for irrigation, cattle and human consumption. 
  • Soil: basal analysis for fertilization or as a complement. 
  • Plants:  foliar analysis. 
  • Seeds: germination power, vigor, tetrazolium. 
  • Grains and oilseeds: commercial quality analysis. Proteins, fats, moisture, fibers, others. 
  • Fertilizing irrigation system:  control of nutrient solutions. Dosing of fertilizers. 
  • Balanced foods: nutritional composition (DE, ME). Mycotoxins. 
  • Milk: microbiological, proteins, fats, others. 
  • Implementation of organic production systems.
  • Analytical Export Certification.
  • GMOs: analysis of genetically modified seeds and byproducts (GeneScan Agreement)
  • Inputs: analysis of pesticides and herbicides (formulation control).  Composition of fertilizers. 
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Recomendations for the submission of samples

It is recommended that samples be submitted to together with the following information:

Name and description of the sample
Quantity of samples
Description of the requested service

In the case of new customers, please add:
Responsible, Address, Telephone, VAT number, Tax Identification Number.

Each sample must be individually labeled.
Make sure that the packaging appropriately protects the sample.
Fuel analyses are made in labs with expertise.
For any inquiry please contact .

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