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Newsletters 2015

  • Animal production

    [24 apr 2015] Analysis of composition of foods: protein, fiber, aminoacids, vitamins, among others. Presence of mycotoxins (aflatoxin, DON, zearalenone, etc.). Quality of water for livestock drinking. Effluents categorization.

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2014 Newsletters

  • We are still adding challenges

    [19 jun 2014] GREENLAB has just obtained the habilitation granted by the Provincial Agency for Sustainable Development (OPDS) for sampling and environmental analysis of air, water, wastewater, soil and waste throughout the territory of the province of Buenos Aires.
    This fact represents a great achievement for our company that for years provides services of quality control of agro-industry; implementation of food safety (GMP, HACCP) systems; analytical certification for export (GAFTA, FOSFA); environmental consulting; studies of environmental impact assessment (EIS) and environmental audits. The same features from the point of view of analytical and consulting in its five divisions: environment, industrial, food quality and safety, pharmacological and agrolab.
    "All this matter is consistent with our quality policy and accompanies customers in compliance with the requirements and demands in aspects of environmental protection", said Dr. Angela Orlando, Director General of GREENLAB.

  • Luncheon AOCS

    [May 6 2014] Overview of the Latin American section of AOCS in 2013, made by Dr. Angela Orlando
    See video.

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2013 Newsletters

  • ISO 17025 Reaccreditation. OAA Testing Laboratory

    [Nov 13, 2013] See scope

  • Greetings by the 20th anniversary of SBOG

    [Nov 11 2013] Dr. Angela Orlando as President of AOCS congratulates the brazilian society.

    See video

  • ISO 17025 Reaccreditation. OAA Testing Laboratory

    [July 24, 2013] has renewed its accreditation as Testing Laboratory.

    See reaccreditation note

  • Greenlab joins CIMPAR

    [Apr 18 2013] as company of the city and the region committed to sustainable development and the improvement of environmental management of production processes is incorporated as a full member of the Commission Interempresaria Municipal de Rosario environmental protection (CIMPAR).

    See act of accession

  • DNV ISO 9001:2008 Management System Certificate

    [April 16, 2013] certified its Management System in accordance with the guidelines of the ISO 9001:2008 International Standard.

    See certificate

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2012 Newsletters

  • Greenlab unifies its activities

    [dec 20 2012] Greenlab communicates that starting January 16, 2013, we unify both office and laboratory activities in Bv. Rondeau 304 Rosario.

  • Extension of scope testing laboratory accredited ISO 17025 by the OAA with accreditation No. LE 132

    [May 22, 2012] See scope

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2011 Newsletters

  • Laboratory authorized by SENASA

    [Oct 20 2011] Laboratory authorized by the National Registry of Laboratories of SENASA (The National Service of Agrifood Safety and Quality).

    See certificate

  • Prefectura Naval Argentina registered laboratory No. NS-08

    [May 12 2011] Was carried out the PNA inspection, by the sub-prefect Fernández Department of Environment PNA (Prefectura Naval Argentina). Inspection Results: Satisfactory. The laboratory was registered as "Laboratory (Testing of agricultural products and byproducts)", valid for operation throughout the jurisdiction of the PNA.

    See certificate

  • Extension of scope testing laboratory accredited ISO 17025 by the OAA with accreditation No. LE 132

    [March 15, 2011] See scope

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2010 Newsletters

  • OAA (Argentine Accreditation Council) Recognition

    [July 14, 2010] Due to the celebration of the World Accreditation Day declared of National Interest by the President of the Nation, the Argentine Accreditation Council (OAA its acronym in Spanish) arranged an event on the Economic Impact of Accreditation.
    During the event, Erica Siegrist received a Diploma of Recognition on behalf of , which was presented to her by Lic. Jorge Remedi, of the Nuclear Regulatory Authority – Dependent of the Nation’s President – and Engineer Beatriz L. García, Operations Manager of OAA.
    The reasons of this recognition are our contribution to the creation of trust by supporting Argentine production and services, and ensuring the compliance of requirements related to human safety and environmental protection, within the National System of Standards, Quality and Certification framework.

    See diploma

  • DNV ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certificate

    [January 30, 2010] certified its Management System in accordance with the guidelines of the ISO 9001:2008 International Standard.

    See certificate

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2009 Newsletters



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2008 Newsletters


ISO 17025 Accreditation. OAA Testing laboratory No. LE 132

[October 30, 2008] OAA certified that satisfies the requirements established by IRAM STANDARD 301:2005 which is equivalent to ISO / IEC 17025:2005 Standard and recognizes its competence for performing the tests described in the enclosed document.

See certificate | See scope

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2007 Newsletters


ISO 9001:2000 Certification

[June 2, 2007] certified its Quality Management System in accordance with the guidelines of the ISO 9001:2000 International Standard.
“The scope of GREENLAB’s Quality Management System includes “physical, chemical, and microbiological industrial analysis Services, environmental and bromatological analysis Services and Consulting Services”.

See certificate

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2006 Newsletters


Participation in Ring Test International QM

[March 2006] Microbiology decides to participate in a new Ring Test International QM (Quality Management - UK) to ensure the quality of results.

GREENLAB is part of the SENASA

(The National Service of Agrifood Safety and Quality – General Directorate for Laboratories and Technical Control [DILAB] – Plant Laboratory General Coordination, a body of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Food) laboratory network.[February 2006] registers its Microbiology lab in SENASA's National Laboratories Network, complying with the requirements for having its own ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 17025:2005 Quality Management System.

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2005 Newsletters


New AACC Certification

[October 2005] GREENLAB became a Member of AACC International (American Association of Cereal Chemists – USA).

New AOCS Certification

[October 2005] became a Member of AOCS (The American Oil Chemists’ Society, USA).

Expansion of the Microbiology laboratory

[October 2005] ’s High Management decides to build the new Microbiology lab in the top floor. More technified instruments and equipment are acquired. 

Implementation of a Quality Management System

[April 2005] decides to implement a Quality Management System in accordance with the guidelines of the ISO 9001:2000 Standard to increase customer satisfaction and to improve the quality of the company’s services.

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2004 Newsletters


A space for Professional Training

[December 2004] The company has enhanced its offices to offer an adequate space for training and improvement of its professionals. Through such improvements, also offers increased comfort to their commercial assistance in their downtown offices

Royal food under control

[November 2004] guarantees the quality and safety of foods consumed by the King and Queen of Spain during the Third International Congress of the Spanish Language.

Colón Theater

[February 2004] The company certified the quality of materials used to renovate the covers of the Colón Theatre in Buenos Aires.

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